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Incredible Skincare Solutions, Backed by scientific research

Friday, August 28 2015

Taking care of your skin can lead to more than just a glowing face; it can help boost your self esteem, and radiate confidence! Regular care of your skin, especially facial skincare, can make a difference.

Avon Skincare Institute

The Avon Skincare Institute is leading skincare research. Skincare scientists are going beyond the beauty industry to explore genetics, botanical ingredients, and sleep research. Avon, as a company, has been a leader in skincare research for decades. (Did you know that it was Avon that brought AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) to the beauty industry?) Avon has a global research and development team of over 200 scientists, working to continue innovative skincare and aging research and bring breakthrough skin cleansers, treatments and moisturizers to you.

Current Industry Research

Just this month, August 2015, Avon scientists have presented breakthrough anti-aging skincare research at the summer conference of The American Academy of Dermatology. The research is centered around a protein called ???dynein??? (pronounced dye-neen) which has to do with transporting nutrients and mitochondria within skin cells. Additional research is focused on autophagy, which is related to how cells remove damage. Both denein and autophagy decline as we age, leading to lines and wrinkles. This kind of research is innovative, and will contribute to the continued development of anti-aging skincare products. Read more here: Avon Scientists Present Research Behind Groundbreaking Anti-Aging Discovery at Summer Meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology

Anew Skincare Specialist

I have worked to become an Anew Skincare Specialist with Avon, and my training allows me to recommend Anew products to you based on your skincare needs. There are several Anew lines of skincare, from Vitale to Reversalist to Platinum to Ultimate that will each address specific skincare concerns. In addition, Anew Clinical products have specific targeted solutions! Avon???s latest skincare product, Anew Power Serum, was inspired by Nobel Prize winning research.